why do I always go to concerts when I’m feeling like shit

Wow imagine someone gorgeous coming home to you wasted and reeks of cigarettes and you’re really glad to see that they’re safe home at the very least.
I thought about that one time Seng came by all drunk and smells like cigarette and I don’t know.. I just smile to myself. I know... it’s not exactly romantic or what not and it’s probably gross to some people cuz they smell bad but something about that makes me feel nice on the inside.

I think about him sometimes. And the times we shared. Wow it was crazy how all those days that I was there... he was there for all of it. It’s amazing.. he doing that for me. Wow.

It’s been 42 days since he’s been gone. A month went by already... Jesus that’s really crazy. And I’m not a stalker or anything okay. I just checked steam today and it says last login was 42 days ago okay I’m not counting the days like some crazy lady.
The more I think about him. The more I think about us. I don’t know we are a good fit for each other honestly. I think I highkey annoy him LOL. I do admit I’m pretty annoying tho. I’m also not as mature as him on so many levels. I think we were a fling. Temporary feelings towards one another. Dissipated with time. I think we are better as friends than something more. Yea.. he was right. My feelings towards him did change. But did his? I don’t know. He’s clear on his feelings. And I’ve made my decision too. I guess we will see when we meet again.

Man... why do I always go to concerts when I’m feeling like shit. Ugh. I’m really debating whether if I wanna go tbh... If I go, I’m legit pity party in there. On the other hand... how can miss cupcakKe tho... AHHHH I DONT KNOW

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